Some Key Features

and why you and your lungs need Demo Airnet

  • Simplifies the Complicated

    Simplifies the Complicated

    What was once a complex problem "airborne dust", is now easily solved with this new device that attaches to any fan. Instantly converting into a high volume air filter. Outpace the rate of contamination, by harnessing the power of the fan blades!

  • You and your lungs will love it!

    You and your lungs will love it!

    We know you love your health, therefore we know that you will love Demo Air Net. It catches the harmful things that would otherwise be captured by your lungs. Highly portable, easily washed it's a high volume earth friendly solution..

  • It Works

    It Works

    Bottom Line – IT WORKS! Time to give your lungs a break. IF IT FLOATS, IT'S US OR YOUR LUNGS! Put Demo Airnet to work for your health!

  • Easily outpace rate of contamination.

    Easily outpace rate of contamination.

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I have been using the Demo Air Net for over a year now. They are a great low cost way to cut down on atmospheric dust during installations. I use them during installs and like to keep one in our wood shop, and one in our A/V room. “When you cut Drywall in a Museum like ours, you really pay attention to Dust”.
St Louis Art Museum
St Louis Art Museum
I want to thank you for solving something that will be too late for me, but my son will be safer because of what you folks have created.
Peter Black
Peter Black
I’ve been running these filters in my embroidery shop for over six months now & the reduction in dust in my shop has been dramatic, however last week I discovered that the small bags made of the same material as the filters fit over my Shop Vac paper/ card filter . This works great as a washable primary filter for the Shop Vac. Thanks Again. Gregory
Barbados Embroidery Shop

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