Bath demo using a medium filter and 18″ fan.  Click to watch video, notice filter is darkening. Filter washed once, upon demolition completion. Assembly suspended, increasing efficiency…

Floor sanding using Industrial filter and a 42″ fan.  Click to see 42″ Industrial filter, for Sanding floors. People are living here, so we deployed 42″ fan.

Installing industrial filter on 42 inch fan.  Notice fan in video is placed, “intake down”. Net is mounted to discharge side.

Notice in photo below 18 inch fan is off the floor, increasing efficiency.

AirNet medium size sanding stairs

24 inch filter full of Coal Dust  Video of “large” filter, after 4 hrs of demolition.

Chimney removal, in 100 year old Attic . We placed fan clear of falling debris. Filtering 15,000  cubic feet per minute of air!

Barbados embroidery, dual “high volume” filters…

High volume 24 inch filters deployed in Barbados

 Using a medium filter, jackhammering indoors.


Large size filter after Demolition.. Large filter, after Demolition of plaster walls, ceiling…

Attic Demo using 42 inch fan.

Video: Chimney removal, in attic. 42 inch fan, filtering 15,000 cubic feet per minute!


Pre Civil Hotel, 42 inch used while raising 4 floors 4 inches….

24inch high velocity, on Drywall scaffold.

24″ fan “high velocity motor”, rate of filtration 4,000 cubic feet per minute.

Elevated to reach “maximum efficiency”.

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