[dropcap]“T[/dropcap]his device exists because we needed it on the job. It lasts because I will not use tools that do not hold up. I promise you this if you find it falls short of expectations; send it back for a full refund”.

“It exists because I wanted a simple solution to a complex problem, airborne dust. In my case coal dust from the 1800’s. Now we have folks using these for coal dust, drywall, demolition, manufacturing, commercial laundry operations, mining, abatement, sanding, and woodworking. If it is Airborne, we can capture it”.

“You put this device in a room, and watch it darken as it captures pollutants and you’ll become a believer in short order”. We make this Dust Filter, by hand, triple stitched, to last!

Remember this if you do not capture the dust floating in the air, your lungs will!

Made in America, staying in America!

Service Connected Disabled Former US Marine
Semper Fidelis

PatrickSheehan-199x3001-150x150Patrick Sheehan
Demo Air Net L.L.C.

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