The Fan Motor Rating will translate into the following rate of filtration, by room size. Proper sizing ensures peak performance, and ability to outpace contamination.

NOTE: If the fan you wish to use has a “motor” rating above. 1,200 CFM it’s considered a (high velocity) motor.

NOTE: We offer a high volume (HV) filter designed to fit up to a 24″ fan cage, perfect for high velocity fans.

NOTE: Call for further guidance, tech support 636 221 0284(Patrick).

STEP 1-Determine a fans ability, based on room, and motor size assuming “High Volume” of Airborne dust.

FAN MOTOR (CFM)                                           ROOM SIZE IN CUBIC FEET (L x W x H.)

1,000 – Or +                                                      Effective in area up to 500 Cubic Feet.

3,000                                                                 Effective in area up to 2,000 to 3,500 CubicFeet.

6,000                                                                 Effective in area up to 7,500 Cubic Feet.

9,000                                                                 Effective in area up to 11,250 Cubic Feet

15,000                                                               Effective in area up to 18,750 Cubic Feet


STEP 2-Determine filter size needed, based on fan “outer cage”.

FILTER SIZE                        EQUALS               FAN CAGE

SMALL                                                                    8 inch round.

MEDIUM                                                                18 inch round.

LARGE                                                                    24 inch round, or 20 inch square.

X LARGE                                                                30 inch round.

X Large High Volume                                        24 inch round

Industrial                                                               42 inch round


  • If the Dust is severe in volume. Use the largest Fan you can, or multiple fans.
  • Once you have the right size Fan for the job, simply size the Air filter accordingly to fit the cage size.
  • If fan “motor” rating is above. 1,200 CFM (high velocity), you need a high volume (HV) filter.

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