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I have been using the Demo Air Net for over a year now. They are a great low cost way to cut down on atmospheric dust during installations. I use them during installs and like to keep one in our wood shop, and one in our A/V room. “When you cut Drywall in a Museum like ours, you really pay attention to Dust”.

St Louis Art Museum

Thanks for a great product! I’m a visual artist and I use it when I’m applying isolation gel coats and varnishes to finished acrylic paintings. Prior to getting the “DemoAirNet”, small airborne fibers would be attracted to the coats (especially the varnish) and would land on and become embedded in the previously perfect surface. I had to hover over the canvas for hours pulling them off with a pin. Thanks to you this process is now much quicker, and the finished product much cleaner. The reason I’m writing is because I’m sure that many visual artists -and by extension art supply stores are unaware of this – and would be very interested in your product. Thanks again, Murray


I’ve been running these filters in my embroidery shop for over six months now & the reduction in dust in my shop has been dramatic, however last week I discovered that the small bags made of the same material as the filters fit over my Shop Vac paper/ card filter . This works great as a washable primary filter for the Shop Vac. Thanks Again. Gregory

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